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Frankfurt - India   

Level 1


Hello Namaste - Sat nam Yogis!

Welcome to “Kundalini Immersion” Multidimensional: Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation teacher training program.


Is to be  A "TEACHER"  teach kriyas,asana, pranayama, and meditation?
Is a teacher a yogi?  
It is more than just teaching yoga classes?


An experience-based transformation course to find the qualities of a "TEACHER" within you, to set our yoga practice as experiential, transcending the yoga room to let it permeate our lives.

We believe that in the process of learning yoga and meditation an experienced based training is needed, a more in-out experience, we need to go through a transcending process from Person, personal histories and past to Presence and present, and to rediscover those qualities that are already within us, then, we will be able to impact others in different and unexpected ways, perhaps in daily life, and  or some perhaps teaching yoga classes.

In more than 220 Hours course with Certification, you will be guided and supported through the whole training by me as a mentor-teacher as well as a team of very careful and experienced teachers 

“Immersion kundalini ”  Yoga and Meditation teacher training Frankfurt-India 



 On the training-immersion kundalini 


  • Yogic Philosophy / Yoga Upanishads /Advaita Vedanta/ 

  • Yoga: Different Aspects, 8 Limbs, Methodology of Kundalini yoga kriya, Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra, Pratyahara,Karma-Bhakti Yoga, Yoga in the daily basis, teaching a class, conscious asana practice. 

  • Western & Yogic anatomy, uses and interaction/ Prana Journey / Koshas - Bodies / Science and anatomy /Nadis. 

  • Mind and Meditation a Science / Meditation journey / a science to explore and experience.


will be developed and experience in detail through the course. 





Through the whole training divide in 8 weekends  (Saturday 10-18:00 and Sundays 10:00-17:00)  in Frankfurt , 1 long weekend in a retreat house close to Frankfurt (From Thursday evening to Sunday evening )  we will develop and EXPERIENCE  different facets of Yoga and Meditation.
To "retreat" is a great opportunity to experience better the benefits of:  Daily Sadhana, light living, daily meditations, we will stille learn theory and practice,

Some of those studies units will be present and on-line.

We will use also part of the last weekends for the trainees  to practice teaching classes and leading sadhanas.

We will save one  last week of training to go to a an  ashram in INDIA - RISHIKESH to experience and learn more from other sources of wisdom, practice daily Asana and Pranayama, Meditation, Ganges Aarti, Yoga kriya, guest teachers from Rishikesh, wonderful time for reflection and observation.

Classes will be held in English and German.

Also, we have guest teachers in our team that will guide us in various facets of the Yoga, Science, Gong, Asana, those classes will be held in German and English, in India classes will be held in English.


Thank you for your interest and please 
for more information please contact us :

Oscar Yogacollective

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