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Your own Self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world 
(Sri Ramana Maharshi) 



Oscar Carrillo is an international  Yoga Teacher, who since 2002 has been working and learning in various facets of the yoga practice.

He had lived, learn and teach the last 18 years in different countries in Africa, Europe, and South America and now based in Frankfurt-Germany keeps teaching in Germany and overseas sharing his sessions and programs   "STAY AS PRESENCE"  in seminars, workshops, single sessions, Yoga teacher training, Festivals, meditation-pranayama workshops, wherein many of them shares as "Donation-Based Class" as a way to collectively facilitate the yoga practice for some that for different reasons don't have the access to it, therefrom the name of  "Yoga Collective"

"Is not charity, is a knowledge of, that, when we take distance from our "isolated " person, we behave and act more collectively supporting each other, we all donate  in a session, our time, commitment, material comfort, energy, Yoga.. isn't it?"

In his classes, he proposes a Yoga practice joyful, spiritual, and realistic to the circumstances of the day by day.

In his more than 20 years Journey has had the honour and blessing  to have been through the years of a process of learning-experiencing and teaching kundalini yoga and meditation starting  more than 17 years ago in a training with Gurucharan Singh K, Nirvair Singh K, Hari Charan Kaur K, and other teachers In Espanola New Mexico. 


Soon after in Frankfurt met  Siri Gopal Kaur and her work with "Kinderyoga" and took part in the Kundalini yoga for kids- training with the known "Sonnenkindyoga" in Frankfurt am Main Germany.
"Taught for years, it is a wonderful experience to do yoga with kids! one learn a lot really a lot about other aspects in yoga teaching." 


Further and with some years of teaching and practicing in Kampala Uganda and Frankfurt, met Satyavrati Yogi  in France to participate in his 
"Kundalini Yoga Teachers Training  L2 "  and further a Teachers-Trainer Training at the Amrit Nam Sarovar School in the French Alps, learning, and teaching in the "Outreach Teachers Training level 1"

After several years of mentoring students in their path from students to teachers in Frankfurt and Africa, began his own "Immersion" Teachers Training program in Frankfurt and an intern week in India.

Still attending forward pieces of Yoga and meditation training in India as well as in Europe & South America, emphasising yoga mind and meditation, also sharing and exchanging and cooperating in different International Yoga Teacher pieces of training.


"I believe that every person, situation, teacher have an aspect of a master,  that meeting leave me great teachings, and many times not exactly in a shape of a teacher but also situations and others are great sources to learn, I try  to use every opportunity I have, to attend classes - Satsang, visit schools of thought and masters all around the world as can be, I believe that yoga  can't  be measured by a certain amount of hours of training and diplomas but by the very self-experience and recognition, I am and feel very honoured to be a Student " 


He hopes through his work to provide people of all ages the chance to discover the numerous powerful benefits of    

Multidimensional Yoga - Yoga, Kriyas, Bandha,  Pranayama Regenerative relaxation and Meditation.


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